show yourself

Don't be shy !

Show off your sexy ellabikini. We invite you to submit your pics of our products. If your pics are selected you will receive a bikini from our collection for free. You will be contacted soon after your pics are posted on the site with further details.

This competition is intended as fun and should be entered into as such. It promotes our bikinis but also shows that most girls can wear a brief bikini and look good. This in turn is creating a wider acceptance of minimal swimwear for the benefit of all including designers, manufacturers, models, photographers and bikini girl admirers.

We reserve the right to reject submissions without further explanation. Pictures that are not used will be deleted.

Models must be over 18 years of age.

By submitting pictures or other material to any email adress of domain you agree that the submitted material to be publicly posted on the site or

We prefer public shots where onlookers can be seen and the model's face is shown in some of the shots. We usually select such picture sets. Fill the frame with the subject as much as possible - (more girl / less sand).

A couple of closeups is ok. Some topless is fine. Pics should be large and clear. Video stills are not suitable. Try to make the image size at least 2400 pixels. Higher resolution images are preferred.

Email pics in JPG format to:

Send as many pictures as possible. We will select the best of them. If needed we will make some adjustments and image cropping.