Garment Care

    • The ellabikini products are handmade from first quality materials, 100% cotton.

    • Hot tubs and swimming pools contain chlorine which may damage your bikini.

    • Suntan oils can also damage the fabric in your swimwear with prolonged use.

    • Some colours may bleed when wet so keep them separate from other items until dry.

    • Light colours will fade more quickly than dark in the intense summer sun.

    • After each use, hand wash your bikini in mild soap, rinse well and hang to dry out of the sun.

    • Do not leave rolled up wet.

    • Do not use bleach.

    • Do not dry clean.

    • With all clothing, the better you care for it, the longer it will last and perform well.

    • Handwashing will increase the life of your bikinis and underwear products.