Handmade crochet bikinis designed for minimal coverage.

Designed and handmade with passion by Mihaela since 2004.

made from quality cotton

with adjustable straps to fit your body

Choose your style:

C105 bikini

C110 bikini

C115 bikini

C120 bikini

C120 micro bikini

C130 bikini

C140 bikini

C160 bikini

C175 bikini

C180 bikini

C190 bikini

C200 bikini

C220 bikini

C220 micro bikini

C230 micro bikini

C240 bikini

C300 bikini

C320 bikini bottom

C400 bikini

C401 bikini

C410 bikini

C500 bikini

C510 bikini

C520 bikini

C600 bikini

C700 bikini

C800 bikini

every ellabikini is packed in a handmade gift bag: 

the ellabikini products are sold on Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ellabikini

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